Love donations to help small Yi Nan

2015-06-05 738

Since since the release of the small Yi Nan donation initiative to gold each company's employees are actively and enthusiastically give their love, June 5, first love donations 69025.5 drained into account of Yi Nan Grandma Wang Liqin, June 8, the second sum of donations 11450 yuan also converge on the account of Wang Liqin, cutoff is currently a total of 80475.5 a donation of $has been with our love and blessings together gave small Yi Nan.

Has been in the hospital care of small Yi Nan Wang Liqin received a donation of excitement has not, also commissioned by the Department of management services on behalf of her and her family always gold all employees to express gratitude.

"Distinguished leadership, all staff:

I am Wang Liqin, the sales staff of the logistics department, thank you for the love of the leadership and staff. For your kindness to my family my highest respect and heartfelt thanks. Thank you for giving us a more hope. The power of life for my baby. Money is valuable, love is priceless. We appreciate a thousands and thousands of words cannot express the feeling. Thank you Here we are a blessing to each loving person, the good life of peace."

Sales and Logistics Department


June 5, 2015

Is to gold company construction of seven Fu company employees Torsten kersting, Johannes Feikert and translation Hu Dongmei heard of small Yi Nan news also take the initiative to contribute to offer the compassion, this also expressed particular gratitude.

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