Carry forward the spirit to carry forward the traditional virtues of gold, gold stamping Shijinbumei He Saifei

2015-03-23 697

Just after the new year, are we invest in busy work, a one for us to gold group and to add luster to the Jin things, manufacturing stamping workshop employees), the spirit of returning lost money as well as my company's corporate culture, the owner by the heartfelt appreciation and recognition!

Happened at around 7:00 on the morning of March 4, 2015, Ms. Li Jing in Tiexi District Chang Yi center, nursing home, accidentally lost his bag on the way to work, then package with 12000 yuan in cash, bank card, debit card, mobile phone and ID card, all kinds of documents, found Lee extremely anxious to eight point is, Ms. Lee's father get in touch with and told her "a good guy came to our house and returned handbag." This kind of guy is He Saifei, Lee arrived home after a starting point of the bag of cash and goods, no one lost! Ms. Lee immediately took out 5000 yuan to express gratitude, but He Saifei has only used a simple words politely rejected, this is what I should do."

He Saifei Shijinbumei move not only to promote the traditional virtues also to carry forward the spirit gold, his behavior not only embodies the noble personal character, also reflected gold to the company's corporate culture, we have to Comrade He Saifei as an example, with practical action to repay the will of our love!



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