2013 annual meeting of Shenyang Beijing Great Automotive Components Company Limited

2013-01-28 1001

In January 26, 2013, the Shenyang Beijing Great Automotive Components Company Limited in the second annual meeting of the Vanward court, the theme of this year will be brilliant to gold".

To the chairman, general manager of the company, as well as the company's key employees participated in the annual meeting, the company also specially invited to the company's important members of BMW to participate in the annual meeting.

, chairman of the company, Mr. Zhang Jianyun first of all to the work of the 2012 review and report, and to share with the participants in 2013 the company's work prospects.

Annual meeting of the finale is a theatrical performances, Jin to show the performance of the literary and artistic skills, the whole show brilliant, continuous applause, the company annual meeting to a climax.

2013 is a year of great development of the gold company. May the gold company in the new year to new heights, more brilliant!


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