BMW China and BMW headquarters in Germany to review the gold

2012-10-10 982

October 9, 2012 BMW China and BMW, Germany, the procurement of the person in charge of my company's stamping parts of the procurement review. In the review process in the BMW purchasing responsible for people in the site visit to our production workshop, the further understanding of my factory to research the strength and the product production process and quality control problem, in order to be more efficient in promoting procurement plans to reach.

For investigating the plant to gold company give height to take seriously, chairman led the company leadership accompanied inspection personnel audit the production and transportation of our products, and mold repair and maintenance of, chairman of the board also visit the site to check the status of production, giving employees the cordial greetings, and told some important security matters needing attention, reflects a strong advocate of "safe production, quality first" production work attitude.

In the study of the BMW purchasing business of our company products affirmed, on our work in front-line workers working attitude also gave high evaluation. Finally, BMW visit group and company leadership posed for pictures, the visit investigation drew a satisfactory full stop.


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