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With the increasing labor costs, more and more enterprises need to reduce production costs, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, under such demand, production automation equipment has been more application and promotion. Industrial automation equipment is a general designation of a large number of automation products, automation equipment is in the case of no one intervention, according to the instructions or procedures have been set, automatic completion of the work process tasks. Automation equipment is widely used in manufacturing, food production line, electronic packaging production line, and it has important role in agriculture, logistics and other industries.

Industrial automation equipment mainly consists of two major categories: assembly line equipment and automatic special machine:

] pipeline equipment: roller assembly line, assembly line belt, chain plate line, drying line, assembly line, poor speed chain assembly line, plug-in assembly line, assembly line;

The automatic plane: ovens, industrial ovens, drilling machine, riveting machine, hoisting machine, transplanter, necking machine etc..

Characteristics of automation equipment:

The highly automated procedures, without manual operation;

The high work efficiency, improve production efficiency;

The whole process of the stable production process, improve product consistency;

It is suitable for mass production, reduce production cost.

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