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Joint robot application is very wide, more can be used with other systems, there are many automated production plant in the use of joint. Especially in some special environment, such as: dangerous or bad work environment, repeated and monotonous work, complex micro or heavy work operation, must to 24 hours non-stop working environment. These environments are very suitable for use in industrial robots to work. General joint robot application in addition to the above range, but also can be divided into the following several to illustrate:

With the formation of welding: welding industrial robot gripper, to do the welding work. This kind of robot is used in many automobile factories.

Spray paint: the working environment of the painting is harmful to the human body, so the work to the robot is the most appropriate. Robot can move sequence and speed control, and repeat the cycle to complete the work of paint and surface coatings are also uniform.

Assembly: the pattern of changes in the production of products more and less amount of production type that is a batch production. The factory assembly line must often with the change of the product changes, then you must use flexible assembly system while the robot is best suited for the role. Assembly line in order to place a number of robots, each robot has its own program to assemble the workpiece, so that after a robot can be combined into a complete workpiece. If the workpiece is not assembled at the same time, it can only be replaced by the robot. Do not have to change the assembly line, which has a high degree of flexibility.

Detection: industrial robots installed on the detection of equipment, can be used for testing purposes. The most used in size measurement, but also can be used in other detection.

In addition to the above items, industrial robots can still be used for drilling, grinding, cleaning, laser processing application. In short, the rapid development of science and technology, the application of industrial robots in the future will be more extensive.

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