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Cartesian coordinate robot is very convenient to be used for a variety of automation equipment, such as welding, handling, loading and unloading, packing, palletizing, demolition duo, detecting, classifying, assembling, labeling, coding, coding, spraying, to follow the target, EOD and so on a series of work. Particularly suitable for many varieties, the flexible operation of the volume, for stability, improve product quality, improve labor productivity, improve labor conditions and the rapid upgrading of products is a very important role.

Classification of Cartesian coordinate robot:

1, according to use: welding robot and palletizing robot, glue dispensing robot detection, (monitoring) robot, sorting robot (classification), assembly robot, explosive ordnance disposal robot, medical robots, special robot.

2, in the form of the structure: wall (cantilever) robot, robot, robot upside down in Longmen

3, according to the degree of freedom, the two coordinate robot, the three coordinate robot, the four coordinate robot, the five coordinate robot, and the six coordinate robot.


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