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Uniline use form - single axis

Use Uniline form two

Use Uniline form two

Uniline use form - three axis

Features of Uniline series track:
1) Uniline series of roller guide type synchronous belt drive, widely used in loading and unloading automation, welding, painting, cutting automation equipment, packaging machinery, multi axis platform, etc..
2) the biggest feature of the structure is compact, high speed, internal rail protection, single axis and large stroke and high cost performance.
3) COMPACTRAIL roller bearings to ensure a compact size and high speed, roller bearings installed in a self supported extruded aluminum. Driven by steel reinforced polyurethane belt drive system. Transverse seal and installation in the raceway cleaner on both ends of the bracket ensures sufficient antifouling.
4) this series has the section size A, C, E, ED, H five kinds of structure forms, the section has 40, 55, 75, four 100 standard size,
Maximum allowable dynamic load: 14400N; max speed: 9m/s,
Maximum acceleration: 20m/s; repetitive positioning accuracy: 0.1mm.
Single stroke 7500, larger stroke can be spliced.
5) lubrication once every 6 months. Using lithium grease NLGI2 lubrication, long life. The use of ambient temperature in the temperature range: -20C degrees to +80C degrees.