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Witt Shenyang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2014 formally Italian ROLLON brand products in China's exclusive rights to the northeast region, in terms of the linear track technology has expanded to a new field. ROLLON Group was established in 1975 in Milan, Italy, in 1991, the group technology, manufacturing centers to Dusseldorf, Germany, manufacturing plant 16,000 square meters, is Europe's linear track design and production of leading enterprises, companies in the United States, the Netherlands, Czech Republic France, Italy, China have set up branches. Its products are widely used in home appliances industry automation, rail vehicles, ships, aerospace, food, medical, laser, machine automation, automotive, electronics, tobacco and other industries; products cover handling robot, palletizing robots, punching robots, machine tending robot detection robot, transplanting robot, machine tool automation connections, stamping automation wiring and other automation products. In ROLLON Group strong technical support of our company will develop more new products, the application of new ideas for customers to bring unexpected effect, to create the most effective productivity!



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