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Shenyang Victor Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the northeast old industrial base - Shenyang, we are dedicated to digital high-end equipment manufacturing high-tech enterprises, industrial robots, intelligent logistics, automation of complete sets of equipment, clean equipment, special equipment and intelligent service robots in become an emerging force.

The company has a number of years in research and development team of non-standard industrial automation equipment, we have many years of industrial automation non-standard equipment manufacturing and development of professional and technical personnel. Scientific institutions and high-level personnel in conjunction with, make sure to provide customers with advanced technical solutions and provide comprehensive technical support for the implementation of the program. In 2014, the company and the European linear track design, production leader & mdash; & mdash; Italy ROLLON brands to establish cooperation between the agents, the company's products cover the handling robot, palletizing robots, punching robots, machine loading and unloading robots, inspection robot, transplanting robot industries, machine tool automation connections, stamping automation wiring and other automation products.

So far, the company has with domestic and foreign enterprises to establish a cooperative relationship, partners include: Germany's Siemens, France Schneider, Germany's BMW, Volkswagen, Swiss ABB, Japan's Fanuc, KUKA, DuPont Chemical, Hitachi, Korean industries, Samsung, Foxconn, BYD, tobacco Group, Sany, Geely Group, Dongfeng Group, Jinbei vehicle, Changchun FAW and businesses.

Witt Shenyang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. will be adhering to the "quality and development, to the credibility of survival" business philosophy, always adhere to customer needs and satisfaction as the core, always will be "quality-oriented, integrity management" as the enterprise, constantly with our professional skills, development of innovative ideas to provide customers with newer and better products and services. We will be "people-one rate" management philosophy that our employees have become the masters, good service every customer, so that customers feel our sincere, our intentions, so that enterprises continue to grow and develop!