Core values of the company

Pursuit: to build the quality of gold, driving car life

Spirit: products do fine, management to do fine; development and enterprising, chi in beyond

Philosophy: honesty, in order to make profits

7S management

To distinguish between the use of objects, to clear out the things that do not need

Consolidation: the necessities of the partition placed, clear identification, convenient access

To remove dirt and dirt, and to prevent pollution.

Cleaning: to maintain the results of the previous 3S, institutionalization, standardization

Literacy: develop good habits, improve the overall quality

Safety: to ensure the safety of work, care for life, people-oriented

Service: to strengthen service consciousness, advocate the spirit of dedication

Job requirements

Strict and orderly, rapid and effective, be enthusiastic and press on the implementation of powerful

Employee behavior

Take the initiative to complete; dedication, law-abiding, the implementation of standards; focus on force, beyond the self

enterprise behavior

People oriented; honest management; continuous improvement; the pursuit of excellence

talent strategy

Enterprise is a tree, talent is the root, the root is deep, the tree has more than.

Talent is the development of gold to the most fundamental source of power, the group will continue to implement the "people-oriented, for the first" concept of talent, khanazir Baichuan mind to achieve global talent. Hone the talents in practice, find the talent in the ordinary, in the decision-making of citic. In the most appropriate time, so that the most suitable talent, in the most appropriate platform to play its greatest value, since the strong cohesion and creativity, to achieve the ideal of gold.