Shenyang Jishuitan Hospital first phase of the project cap

2015-11-19 来金集团 808

November 10, 2015, the first phase of the Shenyang Jishuitan Hospital project cap!

Early morning 8 point 58 minutes, brilliant sunshine dispersed days of haze, to Mr. Kim, director Zhang Jianyun carrying gold management personnel, Jishuitan Hospital Preparatory Office of personnel and project construction unit coal iron construction personnel with the range rover Denggao, witnessed the Shenyang Jishuitan Hospital a construction project the main structure of the cap ceremony.

Jishuitan Hospital, Shenyang, the establishment of a cap at the top of the ceremony was published in a speech, congratulations to the successful construction of a smooth.

Zhang Jianyun, chairman of the board to lead the gold company, Jishuitan Hospital, the construction unit leaders together for the first phase of the project completed.

Shenyang Jishuitan Hospital, one of the ten major projects in Shenyang City, the construction area of 88 thousand square meters, the main project underground 1 floors, the ground floor 15, set 600 beds, 600 million yuan investment. The first phase of construction projects mainly include outpatient, emergency, ward, medical center, is expected to be completed in 2017 operation.


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