ERP officially launched, open to large data Era

2015-09-10 来金集团 734

In July 10, 2015, Kim ERP system successfully, Gold Group Chairman Mr. Zhang Jianyun delivers the message:

Open to large data Era

In July 10, 2015, we have been looking forward to the ERP system for a long time on the line!

Lasted 10 months ERP system was finally born in this moment. It marks the arrival of the era of big data gold company, is an important milestone in the information management company in the information management, with landmark significance.

I represent the company leadership and all staff thank Kingdee company vigorously support, for each employee to planning, calculation and operation of ERP system, your hard work pay, to today's achievements.

Future ERP system operation, the road is still very long, the work is more arduous. Believe that you will pay do a good job, to ensure that the system is within the range of the company is highly shared, main business process automation, all of the source data just in system in an input, to ensure the consistency of the data.

In the arrival of the era of big data, so that we keep up with the times, to build a better tomorrow.

Once again on the ERP system on the success of the line to congratulate!

Chairman: Zhang Jianyun

July 10, 2015

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